Ondes Particulaires (2018) 
Concept - Choreography / Production: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Music - Poster Drawing: Konstantinos Tsiolis Technical Support: Dimitris Stamatis
Poster Postproduction: Panos Iliopoulos
Video Documentation: sick my duck sound&vision
Performers: Angeliki Anargyrou, Georgia Chasapi, Maria Kandilaki, Veatriki Kapnisi, Zoe Mastrotheodorou, Marianiki Pagoni, Dimitra Papourtzi, Marina Piniatorou.

Dance as a transformation between different forms. This transformation is made by energy. Energy makes change possible. Dance is the transformation of energy from one form to another: choreography can organise these forms and their variations in ways that can provide different expositions and experiences. A performance-installation, with bodies, lights, sounds and aromas, that looks into the transformations of energy in space. Supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture (Open Doors Program), the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, the Athens Concert Hall and Luna Park (3rd Work Camp in Performance and Choreography).

Presented: November 1st, 2018 - Piraeus Municipal Theatre

without respect but with love (2016)

PhD Research Project

'without respect but with love' (2015) is part of Stella Dimitrakopoulou’s PhD research on “(Il)legitimate Performance: Copying, Authorship and the Canon”. The work examines how copying, as part of an illegitimate process, influences the formation of a canon and the attribution of values, to propose copying as an act of love. A series of 15 videos were made one after the other like a Chinese whispers game based on a video of Trio A by Yvonne Rainer (recorded by Sally Banes in 1984).

Concept & Creation: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Video Consultant: Konstantinos Sidiras
Dancers: Megan Armishaw, Clare Daly, Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Andrew Hardwidge, Antje Hildebrandt, Samuel Kennedy, Elena Koukoli, Εvangelia Kolyri, Alice MacKenzie, Martha Passakopoulou, Helena Rosamund Webb, Lizzie Sells, Tania Soubry, Rosalie Wahlfrid, Emelie Wångstedt Af Dalmatinerhjärta.

Presented at:
- 2nd International Symposium Performance Philosophy School of Athens, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST), (September 2017). Documentation of the presentation and discussion:
- Trio A and Yvonne Rainer: Dance on Film, London Feminist Film Festival and JW3, London, UK. (January 2016)

Duende (2015)
Choreography and Performance of the video advertisement of the winery 'Habla' (Spain)

Trio Collective: A self-Interview (The performance) (2015)
RE:COLLECTIVES - A Round-table Symposium exploring the past, present and future of artists collectives (organised by CLUSTER BOMB [collective])
Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green, London

Pas Des Kot' (2013)
A comical video made by Stella Dimitrakopoulou and Eleftheria Togia
London, UK, May 2013

m my me (2012)
Performance by Stella Dimitrakopoulou & Natasha Papadopoulou
Music by Yannis Loukos
Presented at:
- 6th Thessaloniki Biennale Of Contemporary Art, Greece, June 2015
- Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, Greece, 17 July 2013
- The Callas Studio, Athens, Greece, 2012

Another Chair Dance (2011)
By Trio Collective
Presented at:
- Circuit Performance Platform, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
9th June 2013
Photos by Ruben Plaza.
- Parallax01, Old Police Station, London, UK, 2011
- Q-Art Convenors, University of the Arts, London, UK, 2011
- 10th Dance Festival of the Association of Greek Choreographers, PK Theatre, Athens, Greece, 2011

Mind the Dance (2012)
Creation: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Music production: Yannis Spyrou
Performance: Amanda Prince-Lubawy, Antje Hildebrandt, Dominique Vannod, Don E More, Else Tunemyr, Jonny Blamey, Kuo-Chieh Liang, Mark Carberry, Michelangelo Miccolis, Nina Alexopoulou, Robert Cook.
Presented at The Book Club, London, 6/11/2012
Photos by Ludovic De Cognets

Trio Collective: A Self-Interview
Trio: A Self-Interview is a performance that takes the form of a self-interview of the collective, which acts as a mode for questioning, understanding and performing our collaboration. The text is based on several self-interviews that took place during our creative process and served as methodological tools for our performances. The performance derives from texts developed in June 2009 and in April 2012, therefore making explicit a gap in both our personal and collective memory, as well as interrogating our collaborative process through past, present and future times.
We discuss issues arising from our collaboration including the relationship between talking and doing, different modes of communication, misunderstandings and failures, responsibility and decision-making. The members of the collective are both interviewers and interviewees –exchanging roles and seeking identities. Questioning issues of authorship and non-hierarchical working structures, we are trying to define and organise the fluid boundaries that exist within our modes of production.

without respect but with love (the performance)(2012)
Creation: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Performance: Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Antje Hilderbrant, Nina Alexopoulou
Reframing Yvonne Rainer's 'Trio A'. 
Αgony Art, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, 23/12/2012

The Last Lecture (a performance) (2011/2016)
Concept - Creation: Stella Dimitrakopoulou Performance: Stella Dimitrakopoulou & Technician This work brings into question the notion of copy in dance and performance, in relation to academia. Based on Jérôme Bel’s lecture presentation ‘The last performance (a lecture)’, the performance’s aim is not the satire but to use copying as a means for rethinking the notions of authorship, originality and intellectual property in the field of choreography.

Video Documentation made by Jesus Ubera in February 2016 in Athens.
Performance: Stella Dimitrakopoulou & Jesus Ubera.
Presented at: - Royal College of Art, Battersea, London, UK (June 2013) - Frown Tails, Athens, Greece, 20-21-22 April 2012 (Technical Support: Yannis Loukos, Live Music: Eleftheria Togia, Performance: Stella Dimitrakopoulou & Yannis Loukos) - Goldsmiths University, London, UK (February 2012) - Empros Theatre, Athens, Greece, 2012 - Performing Text / Reading Performance, Pandemic, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK, 2011

The Last Lecture (a performance) - Filmic Documentation (2016)
Creation / Performance: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Technical Support and Video: Jesus Ubera
14 Day Theatre, Athens, Greece

Andy Monroe (2012)
Peer TV By Andrew Hardwidge and guests Chisenhale Dance Space, London, March 2012

AnaKrisi (2011)
A site specific performance created for the Communi(cati)on of Crisis, Live Arts Research Institute, Nafpaktos, Greece, 2011
Concept: Stella Dimitrakopoulou & Yannis Loukos
Creation Performance: Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Yannis Loukos, Natasha Papadopoulou, Eleftheria Togia.
Participation: Pantelis Mouloudakis
Photos and sculptures by Natasha Papadopoulou

re-re-twothousandth-ree (2011)
By Trio Collective
Presented at:
- Resolution! 2011, Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, London, UK, 2011
- Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, UK, 2011
- Oh So Totally Rad!, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, UK, 2011

Frauen Danst Frauen (2011)
A video made by Stella Dimitrakopoulou with Maria Tsesmetzi
Aliveri, Greece, March 2011
About the piece "Frauen Danst Frauen":
Presented at:
- Dimanche Rouge, Weekly Television Programme
- The French cable channel 'Souvenirs from Earth' (SFE):
January 2014
- ABUNDANCE, International Dance Festival, Karlstad, Sweden, 5-7 September 2013
- Performance and Live Art Platform, Larnaca, Cyprous, 21-22 July 2013
- Peer TV, by Andrew Hardwidge and guests, Chisenhale Dance Space, London, March 2012
- Emergency Accommodation, Blankspace, Manchester, UK, 2011
- Pandemic!, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK, 2011

Culture (2009)
Solo Performance 
MA Research Project
Trinity Laban, London, UK, 2009

Menu of the Day (2009)
Video Installation
MA Research Project on Food and Everyday Life
Presented at The Deptford Project, London, UK, 2009
For more information press here

Trio Minus Michelle Plus You (2009)
By Trio Collective
The Southwark Playhouse, London, UK, 2009

Trio (2009)
By Trio Collective
Presented at:
- Bonnie Bird Theatre, Laban, London, UK, 2009
- Sodaworks Postgraduate Platform, Berlin, Germany, 2009