Ongoing Projects:

TRIO COLLECTIVE (2009 - ongoing)
Co-creator of the performance collective Trio together with Dr Antje Hildebrandt, Elena Koukoli and Michelle K. Lynch.

PHILOSOPHY ON OUR FEET (2014 - ongoing)
Co-creator of the project 'Philosophy on our feet'.
An ongoing collaboration with philosopher Dr Jonny Blamey (Kingston University).

Past Projects:
The Artist Without Works
By Dora Garcia
Athens Concert Hall (Dec.2018-Mar.2019)

The Synthome Score
By Dora Garcia
Athens Concert Hall (Dec.2018-Mar.2019)

Dramaturg & Production Assistance
Mountains of Desire (2018) by Luna Park
Choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos
Music: Antonis Palaskas
Performers: Angeliki Anargirou, Maria Kandylaki, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Vasilis Arvanitakis, Eiji Takeda

Presented at: Ufer Studios, Berlin (May 2018), School of Fine Arts, Athens (Oct. 2018)

Dramaturg & Assistant Choreographer
FORM.AT (2018) by Α priori dance co.
Choreography: Eleonora Ilia
Performers: Eleonora Ilia, Maria Papadopoulou

Presented at: Bios Cultural Centre, Athens (Jun. 2018) / 1st Biennale of the Balkans, Ioannina (2018)

Waste Land - AFTER (2018)
Synthesis 748
Conception, Choreography: Spyros Kouvaras
Dramaturgy: Nathalie Koutsougera
Musical Composition: Giorgos Kouvaras
Performers: Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Elli Avraam Repa, Alexandra Rogovska, George Michelakis, Spyros Kouvaras
Photos and video credits: Yiorgos Bakalis

Presented at: Sygxrono Theatre, Athens, Greece (13-14-15 Αpril 2018)

Dramaturg & Production Assistance
Capture & DISCARD (2017) by Luna Park
Concept and choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos
Dramaturgy: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Original live music: Anthony Palaskas
Curator: Gm Touliatou
Performers: Angeliki Anargirou, Maria Kandylaki, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Marlene Naumann, Marina Piniatorou.

Presented at: Ufer Studios, Berlin (May 2018)

Dramaturgical Support
ΕΜΕΙΣ / ΝΟS (2017) byΑ priori dance co.
Concept / Choreography: Eleonora Ilia, Olga Spyraki
Presented at: Bios Cultural Centre, Athens (Jun. 2018) Shows: Δικό μου Dance FEΣΤΙVAΛ, Thessaloniki (2017), Zante Dance Festival, Corfu (2017), Garage Performing Arts Centre, Corfu (Απρ. 2017), Municipal Cultural Centre of Ioannina (Feb. 2017)

Géographie by Les gens d’Uterpan
Documenta 14, National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) Athens, Greece, April-July 2017
Concept & Choreography: Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet
Dancers: Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Emmanouela Pechinaki, Nikos Kalivas, Vasilis Skarmoutsos

Enigma by Tino Sehgal
Carte Blanche to Tino Sehgal
Palais De Tokyo - Paris
12/10/2016 - 18/12/2016

These associations by Tino Sehgal
Carte Blanche to Tino Sehgal
Palais De Tokyo - Paris
12/10/2016 - 18/12/2016

Choreographer & Dancer
Duende Video Advertisement
Bodegas HABLA, Spain
Starring: Pepa Ubera & Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Concept & creative direction: Valentin Iglesias
Directed by Jesus Ubera
Production 00:03:00 (oficina tesminutos)
Director of Photography: David Meilan
Editors: Jesus Ubera & David Mailan
Makeup and Hairdressing: Vanessa Barrao
Stylist: Cristina Malcorra
Choreography: Stella Dimitrakopoulou & Pepa Ubera

Now What? / Και τώρα;
Concept - Choreography: Elena Koukoli, Katerina Paramana
Performers: Elena Koukoli, Katerina Paramana, Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Presented at: 2015 SDHS/CORD conference, Michael Cacoyannis Theatre, Athens, Greece (5th June 2015)

Movement Director
Woman's Hour Video Clip: 'Conversations'
London, UK, 2014
Directed by Frank and Jane
Filmed by Jeremy Valender
Movement Director: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Gaffer: Grzegorz Krzeszowiec
Make-up artist: Michaela Fiedler
Editor: Carolina Aguirre
Colourist: Faith Millin
Produced by Pundersons Gardens

The Eclipse (Short Film by Nasreen Baharouni)
London, UK, 2014
Written & Directed by Nasreen Baharouni
Produced by Mylene Kaieser & Yonathan Gal
Director of Photography: Cristina Patino Sheen
Sound Engineer: Lefteris 'The Man' Savva
Edited by Naina Mehendale
Emma Mayerowitz as Estelle
Stella Dimitrakopoulou as Maya
Ankita Anand
Mirella Matrai
Make-up: Hayley Holroyd
Costumes: Delphine Werotte
Camera Assistant: Steve Openshaw
Production Assistants: Catarina Cheung & Florencia Melone

Arcade Fire Concert
Earls Court, London, UK 7th June 2014
Performing Crew Manager: Julia Simpson

Mental Effort Before Action
Chelsea Space, London, UK
14 February 2014
By Patrick Staff
Performed by: Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Antje Hildebrandt and Patrick Staff

Allay Allight
Camden Arts Centre, London, UK
24 January 2014
Paintings and costumes: Silke Otto-Knapp
Choreography by Flora Wiegmann.
Performed by: Flora Wiegmann, Stella Dimitrakopoulou, Margherita Elliot.
Photos by Pablo.

A Mobile - Paranalia for five dancers; an exercise in suspension, co-operation and obstruction
By William Hunt
Siobhan Davies Studios, London, UK Friday 29 November 2013

Fantasy Food Trail
By Fantasy High Street
5 October 2013, Nunhead, London

60 Minutes of Opportunism
By Ivana Muller
What_Now Festival
Siobhan Davies Studios, London
5-7 April 2013

The Ponderous Counter Spectacle Of Things Ceasing To Be
Research lab organised by Michael Klien.
An invited group of artists worked with Michael throughout the 3 days of the festival on a choreographic 'excavation site', which delved into current frameworks of dance and choreography.

These associations
By Tino Sehgal
23/07/2012 - 28/10/2012
Turbine Hall, TATE Modern, London

And Everything Ends Up Looking as Glorious As Still Life
By Nina Alexopoulou:
Smash Lab VI, The Book Club, London

Chewing Gum for the Social Body
By Patrick Staff
The Tanks, Tate Modern, London
After the Future: A homage to Bifo
By Antje Hildebrandt
With Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Hotel Elephant Gallery, London, SE1 6BD
Organised by The Industry
19th July 2012

Dancer / Performer
The Mudhead Dance
A film by Adam James 
Funded by the Arts Council England

Performance - Αυτογκόλ
Βy Mary Zigouri, Hypatia Vourloumi, Panos Konpasiaris, Marios Chatziprokopiou
EMPROS Theatre, Athens, Jan 2012

‘Performing Document’
November 2011
An end of workshop performance part of PSi Athens Cluster.
Concept and Direction: Janez Janša
I. & R. Duncan Research Dance Centre, Athens, Greece.

Gangham for Freedom By Anish Kapoor
Nov 2012, London, UK

Choreographer & Dancer
Short Documentary: On Borders
Director/Editor: Onyeka Igwe
Choreographer/Dancer: Stella Dimitrakopoulou
Camera: Tara Manandhar
London, 2011

Misguided Tours
Lea Anderson & The Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs (Link)
The Southbank Centre, London, Aug 2011
Link to event
Photos by Bobby Whittaker

Slowalk (In Support of Ai Weiwei)
By Hamish Fulton
TATE Modern, London, 2011

Uncomfort Zone
Mehmet Sander
Outside AIR, People's Palace, Queen Mary University of London, 2011
Link to the event
Link to the artist's blog
Photos by Bobby Whittaker

By Katerina Paramana
Presented at Resolution!2011, The Place, London / Roehampton University, London / Making and Unmaking Text, Royal Holloway, London, 2011
Link to the artist's website
Photos by Dan Swallow

60 minutes of Opportunism
Ivanna Muller
Inbetween Time Festival
The Wickam Theatre, Bristol, 2010
Link to the event
Link for more information about the performance and the artist.

7 Quiet Acts of Domestic Violence: Act3 - Home Alone
By Rachel Hynes
London, 2010
Link to blog

Performer / Dancer
Count Two
By Nicola Conibere
Resolution!2010, The Place, London
Link to the artist's blog

By Phoebe Davies
Trafalgar Square, London, 2009
Link to the artist's blog

AggeloSkoni Dance Co.
Lidra Theatre, Athens, 2007
Link for more information about the performance.

Performing Rights Vienna
By John Jordan and workshop participants
TQW, Museum Quartier, Wien, 2007

Choroegotaxia 2007
Jessica Henou
Bartessera, Athens, 2006
Link for more information about the project
Photo by Fotizontas

Klepsydra, Opening Ceremony, Olympic Games
By Dimitris Papaioannou
Olympic Stadium, Athens, 2004
Opening Ceremony, Paralympic Games
By Apostolia Papadamaki
Olympic Stadium, Athens, 2004

By Kostas Gavras
Athens Music Hall, Athens, 1994